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them mentality between academia and pop psychology that we've been stuck in for too long. In fact, I'll propose a deal: If you value a pop psychologist's work, I'll continue to value a researcher's work.

Hi Seth, First let me say that I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.

This year though, with improved defense and a new found focus they hope to make it back to get their revenge.

You might be scared that he’s pulling away from good, so I’ve got 7 ways to reverse the negative patterns in your relationship.

Let’s turn things around starting with the first step… The truth is that for a lot of couples, going to a counselor can be the final nail in the coffin.

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The two teams are of course, the Dallas Mavericks who are leading the league with the best overall record at 35-8 and the Phoenix Suns, currently riding a 15 game winning streak. Both teams started the season off with poor showings in their first five games but have since reeled off impressive 12, 13 and 15 game winning streaks to take them to the top of the standings in the NBA's Western Conference. I dont watch the NBA until the All-Star Game because nothing matters until the Playoffs and any team thats decent makes it. Or every British soccer player is listening to Elton John in the locker room. hile the Mavericks did make a few changes in their supporting cast they still have a group of tight-knit role players that play suffocating defense like the fat girl at the bar protecting her herd of hot chicks.

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HOG: I know another former point guard turned coach who has a great formula.