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My 91-year-old mother confirms (I just checked in with her) that her children's experience, thirty years on, seemed to her worlds apart.Having recently strained to wrap my head around my own twentysomething kids' Jewish Zeitgeist, I look back at my nuptial experience of the 1970s--marrying the Jewish son of two Eastern European immigrants, which felt to me at the time like an act of free will--as quaint and overdetermined, a sepia Jewish Hallmark card. Time marches on, and what feels, perhaps, assimilative and de-Judaizing to one generation, feels normative to the next.A while back I was contacted by someone who knew that Power CLI now worked with v Realize Operations (v ROPS) and knew it covered the entire API but was unsure how to get to the point where they could achieve what they wanted.Before I go into what they were doing I highly recommend that if you are interested in learning what is available via VROPs and Power CLI you check out the following awesome posts by John Dias So, the story around this script was that this person was heavily using v ROPs in their environment to monitor and troubleshoot their VMware infrastructure, they had it highly tuned but also used Power CLI to automate some maintenance and updates of the infrastructure, the problem was that every time they performed these tasks they would get automated alerts from v ROPs to tell them that things were down or not behaving correctly.This while expected was clearly a pain as we all know that unwanted email from a monitoring system can get tedious and eventually ignored to the detriment of something important being missed.It has recently occurred to me that "normative" Jewish-American experience lasts exactly one generation.And so I sat down with my daughter and two of her strongly Jewishly-identified twentysomething acquaintances--three rabbis' kids--and asked them about their felt world, its progressive Zeitgeist, their intellectual socialization--and how all of this has inflected their interpersonal choices. NET webform that has a file upload control that is tied to a regular expression validator.

(You can choose whether to allow people to download your original Power Point presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all.) Check out Power today - for FREE. Or use it to upload your own Power Point slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world.It never occurred to us that Yiddish accents had a lifespan, or that fealty to Israel might one day become complicated.If I were less narcissistic, I might have noticed, indeed, that my parents' Jewish young-adulthood was very different from mine.2023153939Clog P gt 3256022222514organ tox or not attrition CNS CANs set Clog P lt 3505082Organ Tox No Organ Tox 9DEREK 15chemoinformatic predictions Serine proteases Cysteine proteases Ion Channels Kinases GPCRs (others classes A, B C)Aspartyl proteases Phosphodiesterases Aminergic GPCRs Peptide GPCRs Metalloproteases Enzymes (hydrolases, transferases, oxidoreductases others)Nuclear hormone receptors Miscellaneousnode target edge compound 16Bayesian learning Rev Thomas Bayes ca 1702 - 1761data set (assay data) 28V1a design for stabilityshort t1/2100Series 1 Series 280In-vitro Clearance4020long t1/20-1.5-1-0.500.511.522.5CLOGPmost compounds stable within this c Log P range 29Li PE and LE are quality indicatorslinker replacementneededaryl switchside chain deletion/replacement V1a Ki 780 n M MW 334 c Log P 1.0t1/2 HLM 120 mins V1a Ki 28 n M MW 441 c Log P 5.5t1/2 HLM 6 mins(Human Liver Microsomes)-1.4 log (IC50)LE (Ligand Efficiency) how efficient each heavy atom is Class dependent0.3 0.5n Heavy Atomshow efficient each lipophilic fragment is Li PE (Lipophilic Efficiency) -log (IC50) - c Log P 30using Li PE to view SAR 31predicting activity DG(expt)plot of experimental affinity versus calculated enthalpy for reference 2 kcals 26-fold off 4.2 kcals 1000-fold off Dlt UWgtkcal/molforce field (CHARMM, AMBER, etc.) van der Waals Coulombic Hydrogen-bonding surface area term Hydrophobicity/organophilicity generalized Born/Poisson-Boltzmann Desolvation of polar groups, Coulomb screening Power is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website.Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, Power is a great resource.

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