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there 28.2.2012, another historical day for me..after driving 2 hour non stop there we have it,standing awkwardly in front of maresmart school the first thing spring in my numb mind "erk?? can i manage to cope with this super duper established school? keep this as an account "oppurtinity knockes once" so d, chayok chayok.be there for you an an ana..girl dont cry :)" first day in maresmart is fantastic ive known hundred and hundred of people and the best part is we get along in just a blink of an eye.man what a miracle.i keep my fingercrossed hoping that all my leftover day in maresmart will be amazing just the way it supposed to be.. k ,that all for today will update from time to time...

OK such a big school erm wow the school uniform is awesome!! can i make lofty of friend who have a similar mind like me? ps my entry is sucks i cant beautify my entry right now because of super duper major technically problem.yeah but no worries everycloud has its own silver lightning..

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