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Who is chad kroeger dating

Both Canadian, both with a penchant for crazy hairstyles, both pop-punk royalty.Again, both Canadian, both loved frosty highlights, and both wrote extra cheesy music that only a brave few would ever admit to liking…(actual Nickelback lyric: S is for the simple need E is for the ecstasy X is just to mark the spot‘Cause that's the one you really want)So I again believed that Avril had truly found her match. obtained exclusive pics of Avril and Ryan at a pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, speculation ran rampant about the pair's relationship status because everyone knows pumpkin picking in October is a MANDATORY outing for all couples.Related: Chad's Reported Womanizing Caused His Split From Avril!

It was a match made in plaid pants heaven.(Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix)But alas, their love fizzled (so much for their happy ending..) and they divorced. Avril began dating an even MORE perfect person for her. (Why'd you have to go and make things so COMPLICATED?!#classic.” But before news of Avril and Chad’s engagement broke on Tuesday, someone tipped her off, asking whether or not she was aware that he may have been seeing someone else to which she replied, “not to my knowledge, the man barely has time to eat during the day. Moved on.” Do you think Chad dumped Kristen for Avril? RELATED STORIES: Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Scores Dates On Twitter, Third Mistress He Picked Up There Is Revealed! This is the first I’ve heard of It n we’ve remained close.” PHOTOS: Sexiest Movie Cheaters According to reports, Avril and Chad have been dating for six months before he put the 14-carat sparkler on her ring finger — which would mean they began seeing each other in February, but he and Kristen didn’t break up until May. Kroeger grew close to the pop punk earlier this year after teaming up with her in the recording studio, but it wasn't until July 1 that their relationship officially turned romantic, and the 37 year old admits the date will always have special meaning for the pair - because it falls on Canada's national day.He tells People magazine, "We met while recording music in March. We think it's very cool that our anniversary will always be on Canada Day. We're very happy."The newly-engaged couple managed to keep its courtship completely out of the headlines and Kroeger reveals love blossomed for him and his wife-to-be while on a romantic getaway in Mexico. I have a great hideaway there."But Kroeger is well-aware of the pressures fame will have on their personal lives and they are already trying to work around his band's upcoming tour of Europe.

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“Yes I’m dating a girl from Ohio,” Chad admitted in April to Dave & Jimmy from WNCI radio.

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