White woman dating a puerto rican man

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White woman dating a puerto rican man

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Skip to content In my life puerto rican women are good women with a dark side.

I began my love affair with tan skin boys in first grade.

His name was Jessie, and besides sharing the first name of my Dad, he stole my heart with his caramel skin, dark, thick eyes and smile.

Last night I read a university study on "White Puerto Rico Wannabes" and I guess there are a lot of white girls who want to get with Puerto Rican men because they are cool.

So these girls/women dress hip-hop, speak spanglish, and totally adopt the Puerto Rican culture. They guy I was with actually asked me to learn spanish, dye my hair darker (I'm blonde), and act like a lady.

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He was expecting me to dress in stillettos and club attire all the time! Do all Puerto Rican men I live between the two huge 40 fot Puerto Rican metal flags in Chicago.

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