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A lot of "experts," politicians and clergymen, are dead set against cousin marriage, and they've convinced a lot of people, including many lawmakers, that marrying a cousin is a bad thing to do.

As with many of our laws, there is little reason for the ban.

Before God established these laws, marriage between brothers and sisters was allowed.

For example, Abraham married his half-sister (Genesis ).

“I shouldn’t say mongol.”“A close friend of mine believes that the person God wants her to marry is her first cousin,” a viewer explained in a letter to Robertson.

“There is clear, powerful call of the Lord on both their lives.

Robertson said that the Bible does not prohibit first cousins from marrying, but advised prospective first-cousin spouses to speak first to a genetic counselor. “I don’t know anything in the Bible that says there’s a problem about marrying first cousins. If there are recessive genes and there are something in the family that would come out if those two recessive genes come together, they might wind up with children that got some kind of disability.”“Other than that, there’s no problem,” he continued.

He then drew upon an offensive term for people with Down syndrome and disabilities.“You don’t want to have some mongoloid child,” Robertson said, but he quickly backtracked after co-host Terry Meeuwsen caught him. “There’s nothing in the Bible that says you can’t marry your first cousin.

This is true both of devout Christians as well as those who may have some vague, indiscernible root in the Christian faith.The blood relatives are defined in Leviticus 21:2-3. This list includes those found in Leviticus -21; Deuteronomy ; Deuteronomy -23; and 1 Corinthians 5:1.The passage speaks from a male perspective and includes mother, father, sons, daughters, brother, and one’s virgin sister. The expression “To come near” has the idea of approaching a person for the purpose of sexual relations. The New Living Translation has captured the meaning very accurately, Therefore, Leviticus 18:6 prohibits all sexual relations, including those listed above, and the ones listed in verses 7-17. But marriage with a first cousin is not prohibited.I'd always thought marrying a blood relative as close as a cousin was immoral, and certainly risky if you plan to have kids. You can marry your cousin and have perfectly intelligent kids.Conventional wisdom says only primitive people who live in isolated places marry cousins. Take Albert Einstein -- was he intelligent enough for you?

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If you are not sure, we would encourage you to check with a lawyer in that state.

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