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Combining rates and retentions gives a helium diffusion age of 6,000 ± 2,000 years.This contradicts the uniformitarian age of 1.5 billion years based on nuclear decay products in the same zircons.Helium diffuses so rapidly that all the helium in these zircon crystals should have leaked out in less than 100,000 years.The fact that so much helium is still there means they cannot be 1.5 billion years old, as uranium-lead dating suggests. Mainstream scientists make claims about the age of a certain rock unit. The specific article written by Mr Williams was brief, a web version of an article he posted in The thesis of the article follows the usual YEC complaints of conventional absolute dating systems.Helium diffuses so rapidly that all the helium should have leaked out in less than 100,000 years. While drilling deep Precambrian (pre-Flood) granitic rocks in New Mexico, geologists extracted samples of zircon (zirconium silicate) crystals from different depths.The crystals contained not only uranium but also large amounts of helium.1 The hotter the rocks, the faster the helium should escape, so researchers were surprised to find that the deepest, and therefore hottest, zircons (at 387°F or 197°C) contained far more helium than expected.

The helium leakage rate has been determined in several experiments.2 All measurements are in agreement.They are very disturbed about the project’s strong support of the young biblical age of the earth. In September, 2008, another such criticism appeared on a ‘progressive creation’ website, and I’ll discuss it below.The criticisms show the attackers think the research is good enough to be a threat to them. Mr Williams is a biologist, an honorary botanist at the Western Australian Herbarium, a former missionary, consultant to the U. His credentials are impressive and his interests appear to be in science, statistics and creation issues.A serious problem here is that all 140 crystals from the same rock unit gave statistically valid information about that rock unit.

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