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Such cameras, which allow a maximum way to achieve the effect of presence, I tried to collect on this page.

Unfortunately, these cameras are not very many, but the search continues, and I hope that in the near future their bude much more.

The fact is that the vast majority of webcams Thailand Phuket only conditionally possible to name online web cameras, because they do not transmit the video stream, for which Thailand’s lovers and this resort island in particular and go online, and the usual slideshow.

At the same time the image refresh interval may be different, and as much as 10-15 minutes.

These beach webcams come to you from various beaches around the world.

This webcam is installed at Marina Phuket Resort hotel, in the south part of the beach. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear — an unforgettable experience guaranteed!

I like to watch airplanes landing, you can see them in the sky because the airport is so close :) Agree with Paul Lam, when I have time I often watch cam in the Piraeus port, ferries coming and leaving, its interesting.

Hi Pat , I am sorry you took my post as moaning , I was merely expressing a concern for an island we all love.

Having been a regular visitor to Tenerife for thirty years, l have seen many improvements, the new promenade, the beaches are now great, roads, garden areas, children play areas, facilities for the disabled are second to none.


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