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Wapdating com

“Nicki’s loving the rumors that she’s dating all these famous rappers because it’s getting under Meek’s skin, which she loves,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.“She’s hoping it will light the fire under his a** so he realizes that she’s a queen and that he should do something about it!” The “Black Barbie” beauty has been itching to start a family with Meek, but due to their on-again off-again romance, settling down hasn’t exactly been easy.It’s even more frustrating that she couldn’t even get a proposal out of him while they were dating!Like we said, Nicki and Meek are doing a-ok, so we’re not sure why Fetty’s being thrown into the mix.However, maybe an epic collaboration is in the works? Hollywood Lifers, do you think Nicki and Fetty should date? However, the sources were careful not say the two are “dating” or “in a relationship.” They want to “see where [Fetty’s] head is at” before making that declaration.

Fuel was added to the flame after they both reportedly posted subliminal jabs towards one another.

Recently, Meek caused speculation amongst fans on Instagram after posting a now-deleted picture of a woman (who may or may not have been Minaj) clad in lingerie on his bed.

READ: Azealia Banks Writes Vicious And Crass Open Letter To Nicki Minaj, The Barbs Promptly Attack The saga between Nicki and Meek continues, and as the weeks pass, things just seem to be getting more interesting.

confirms Fetty and Nicki have no relationship and have only met once at a show.

There is no truth to Hollywood Life‘s report that Nicki is happy about the speculation.

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Could you imagine getting some Nicki and Fetty tracks, along with a steamy romance all at once? ‘s, that claim she and her longtime beau have split.

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