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Wahdating com

Australian Labor Party Number of seats in the House of Representatives: 60 Number of seats in the Senate: 28 National President: Hon.

ABNA- For the first question, would you tell us why has Mr.Nina Burridge Email: [email protected] Web: Telephone: (02) 6273 1059 Fax: (02) 6273 1251 Postal Address: PO Box 5089, Kingston ACT 2604 Address: 10-12 Brisbane Avenue, Barton ACT 2600 Australian Greens Number of seats in the Senate: 4 Parliamentary Leader: Hon.Bob Brown Email: [email protected] Web: Telephone: 1800 017 011; Fax: 02 6247 6455 Postal Address: GPO Box 1108 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Leader: Sibghatullah Sanjar Telephone: 070275107 Postal Address: Zainaba Street, 6th Road, Qala-e Fathullah Kabul, Afghanistan Tahrik-e Wahdat-e Melli (National Unity Movement) Leader: Sultan Mahmood Ghazi Telephone: 0799210998 Postal Address: Saddarat Square, Opposite Interior Ministry Road, Kabul, Afghanistan Hizb-e Istiglal-e Afghanistan (Freedom Party) Leader: Ghulam Farooq Najrabi Telephone: 0799333448 Postal Address: Panjsad Family, Khair Khana near Al-Farooq Heathcare Clinic, Kabul, Afghanistan Hizb-e Hambastagi-ye Melli-ye Jawanan-e Afghanistan (Youth Solidarity Party) Leader: Mohammad Jamil Karzai Telephone: 0799424290 Postal Address: House No.2 Street 3, Haji Yaqub Square, Kabul, Afghanistan Hizb-e Wahdat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Unity Party) Leader: Abdul Rasheed Jalili Telephone: 0799210998 Postal Address: Qaisar Market, 2nd Floor, Old Kolola Poshta Square, Kabul, Afghanistan Hizb-e Melli-ye Wahdat-e Aqwam-e Islami-ye Afghanistan (National Tribal Unity Islamic Party of Afghanistan) Telephone: 07990704697; 070603600 United National Front (Afghanistan) Leader: Former President Burhanuddin Rabbani Date Founded: March 13, 2007 Telephone: 93 30 2102924 Email: [email protected] Address: Nadir Pashtoon Watt, Afghan Dubai Shopping Center, Third Floor, Kabul, Afghanistan back to top * back to list of countries * next set of countries New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Chairperson: Ilham Aliyev Postal Address: 13 Bul-Bul Avenue, Baku Phone: 994-12-493-84-25 Fax: 994-12-498-59-71 Email: [email protected]; [email protected] Web: of seats in the National Assembly: 3 Chairperson: Sabir Rustamkhanli, MP Postal Address: 4 H. Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 00983 Azerbaijan National Independence Party (AMIP) Chairperson: Ehtibar Salidar oglu Mamedov Postal Address: 179 Azadlyg St.Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 00976 Azerbaijan Democratic Independence Party Chairperson: Vagif Kerimov Postal Address: 44 Agah-Neymatulla St. Baku Phone: 994-12-496-69-10 Email: [email protected]: S (Yeni Siyaset-New Policy) Alliance Leader: Eldar Namazov Address: 111 Alizade Street, AZ1176 Baku Phone/Fax: 994-12-465-95-84 Email: [email protected] Party Address: 2 J.Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0923 Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (SDPA) Chairperson: Arzu Adbullayeva Postal Address: 28 May Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Phone: 0978; 938148 Yurddash (Compatriot) Party Chairperson: Mais Safarli Postal Address: Matbuat Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Phone:0947;323978 Azerbaijan Communist Party Number of Seats in the National Assembly: 2 Chairperson: Firuddun Hasanov Ehrar (Freedom) Party Chairperson: Vagif Hadjibayli Postal Address: 24 Matbuat Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0927; 755163 Azerbaijan People's Democratic Party Chairperson: Rafig Turabkhan oglu Abdullayev Postal Address: 73 Yusifbeyli Street, Room 11, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0945;983144 United Azerbaijan Party Chairperson: Hadjibaba Azimov Postal Address: Sabir Kazimov Street, Lenkoran, Azerbaijan Democratic Azerbaijan World Party Chairperson: Mammad Alizadeh Postal Address:73 Saint Petersburg Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0997 Azerbaijan Independence Party Chairperson: Nizami Suleimanov Postal Address: 1128 Kecid, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0951; 394602 Azerbaijan Islamic Party Chairperson: Aliakram Ismail oglu Aliev Postal Address: 14 Askerov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone:0961; 938946 Milli Gurtulush (National Development)Party Chairperson: Mahammad Hatemi Tantekin Postal Address: 86 Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0945; 987396 Azerbaijan People's Renaissance Party Chairperson: Azar Qasimzade Telephone: 0921 Vahdat Party Chairperson: Tahir Kerimli Phone: 0937 Azerbaijan National Progress Party Postal Address: Room 209, Government House, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0927 Azerbaijan Republican Party Chairperson: Fargan Qanbar oglu Aliev Postal Address: 161 Azadlyg Street, Baku, Azerbaijan Telephone: 0919Azadlig Bloc Alliance Leaders: PFPA Chairman Ali Kerimli, Musavat Chairman Isa Gambar and DPA Chairman Rasul Guliyev Address: 13 Acad.

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Ever since the club's foundation, the traditional and primary colors of Al-Wehdat are green and red. Currently the away kit is a white top with white shorts and red socks.

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