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Any subsequent changes that you make to the data in Access are reflected in the SQL Server data, and any changes that you make in the SQL Server database are reflected in the linked table in Access.This article describes the steps both for importing and for linking SQL Server data into Access 2007.Related: "Tools for Migrating Access to SQL Server" and "Securing SQL Server Through Access" For our training project, we chose to upsize an Access system that we had set up for a pharmaceutical company.This system, which tracked the required courses and physical exams that employees took, was a typical Access database for us in terms of size, complexity, and design.

The interaction of these two engines can sometimes yield results that are inferior to those obtained by using only the Jet database engine with native Office Access tables.Follow the link in the See Also section of this article.You can bring data from SQL Server objects (tables or views) into Office Access 2007 in either of two ways — by importing, or by linking.When we had initially set up this client's Access system, we had separated the data (i.e., tables) and the code (i.e., queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules) into two files.The data file contained about 7MB of data in 36 tables. Because we always normalize to at least the third normal form and enforce referential integrity, we had created 39 enforced relationships. (Cascading updates weren't necessary.) In every table, we had used an Auto Number field as a bookmark primary key to eliminate multiple-field primary keys, which can greatly slow insert and update performance. As Figure 1 shows, the intersection table between tbl Trainee and tbl Course is tbl Trainee Course.

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To add one record to a table, you must use the field list to define which fields to put the data in, and then you must supply the data itself in a value list. For example, the following statement will insert the values "1", "Kelly", and "Jill" into the Customer ID, Last Name, and First Name fields, respectively.

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