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Updating pkgsrc

Net BSD.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/OPSYS/ARCH/VERSIONS/All" # export PATH PKG_PATH # pkg_add package.The first post of this mini series was about legacy systems in general and about what installing the old Free BSD 4.11 is like.In the first post of this mini series I wrote about legacy systems and installing Free BSD 4.11.

It appears that this repo is no longer automatically updating an commits are now 8 days behind CVS.And part three mainly deals with upgrading Open SSH and the compilers.This post details some more updates until we reach the final state that’s possible with such an old system (without resorting to extreme means).So far we’ve built some packages from 2013 and before.Using a current pkgsrc tree won’t work – the various pkgsrc tools that our system has are too old.

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