Updating my internet explorer

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Updating my internet explorer

Microsoft Windows 8 ships with Internet Explorer 10, which is upgraded to IE 11 when Windows 8.1 is installed on the system.

Microsoft has made available preview versions of the browser for Windows 7 which upgrades the existing version of Internet Explorer in the process.

Just run Windows Update from your start menu to see if any updates are available.

You'll see Internet Explorer updates listed under "Important Updates." If Windows is set to update automatically, then IE will be kept up to date as well.

Or copy the Favorites folder to a CD and don't bother changing the name. If you receive a warnig that the folder already exists and do you want to replace it, click Yes or OK.

If the Favorites are back, copy the Favorites folder to another location such as the Desktop and change the name of the newly copied folder. If not, and you chose to copy the Favorites folder to the Desktop and change the name, just change the name back to Favorites and move it to C:\Documents and Settings\. Most people prefer not to lose them, so include either that folder or the bookmarks file that results from exporting them in their backup.

Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer ending with Internet Explorer 11 and cannot be upgraded past version 11.

I had accumulated bookmarks for over 5 years and thought they were gone after having to reimage my machine.

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This option can save you time and unnecessary bandwidth if you don't really need a home page.

You can set multiple pages to appear as home page tabs — just enter one URL per line.

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Once you've got your browser of choice, keeping it updated is even easier.