Updating mirrored sliding closet doors

Posted by / 28-Dec-2017 20:29

They work in contemporary spaces but they also blend well with a more classic style.

The fact that mirrored doors are sliding means they give you a lot more usable floor space.

Working too fast or not paying attention can lead to breaking the mirrored glass.

Make sure you have the correct safety equipment and that you have a clear work area.

I was smitten with the idea and kinda amazed it was doable!

They sent me this link on how to do it– was very inspirational, though we did end up doing things a bit differently.

If this describes you, then consider removing the mirrored closet sliding doors.

Removing the doors is not a difficult project but you should take some precautions.

If you have any chintzy mirrored closet doors in your place you will love this easy chic project!Design wise, mirrored doors are a bit of an ‘80s throwback.And mirrors in the bedroom are also a big no-no in feng shui terms, as they’re said to sap your energy and spoil the nurturing atmosphere you need for a good night’s sleep.Before you lift out the doors, secure them to protect them from being damaged. Next, take some masking tape and tape the surface of the mirror.This can be done by applying strips horizontally and vertically across the face of the mirror.

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I conducted a great deal of research into options for replacing them and everything I found was super expensive.