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Updating builder grade cabinets

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we left much of our home builder-grade when we built. These were items we knew we didn’t want to tackle ourselves due to time and effort, and expense for some!

We had the builder put in hardwoods, nice railings and nice countertops.

Builder-grade bathrooms—you know the ones we're talking about.

They boast acrylic-crystal faucets, strips of lightbulbs hung above the mirror in all their tacky glory, and oak vanities in an unnatural shade of orange.

I have shared a few of the changes in some past posts as it is a work in progress.But sometimes gutting the room just isn't in the budget—and besides, whether it's your style or not, the current finishes might still be in good shape, making it even harder to justify ripping them out.To make the best of what you have without breaking the bank, read on.Above, Sarah of Smitten Studio renovated her Michigan cabinet and built these fresh white shelves in their small kitchen, which looks special versus expected. Gus and Lula used a jigsaw on some scraps of plywood and came up with feet that they then installed flush with the base of their cabinets.This minor detail took very little time and added a significant selling point.

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I figure I need to get that done before we change it all or I’ll never remember the “before” 2) UPGRADE YOUR LIGHTING This is another example from our own home. Here’s a view from “afar” Also a great before from painting the door And just beyond that in our butler’s pantry we spent the weekend doing this.