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Updating access spreadsheet

If multiple users/programs try to open a file at the same time, all of them open it successfully.

Still, only the last saved changes will be kept, messing up the whole process.

So the question is if there is any way to configure an Excel workbook to be capable of simultaneous editing with any changes appearing immediately to all other users?

Office 2010-2013 As the answers say, Excel is the wrong tool.

Your database can be installed on a local computer or a Cloud server.

the work book often can lose data for mysterious reasons and formatting changed seemingly on a whim.

users forget to close workbook and when you look at who has this file open you could end up with 20 or so names many of them duplicated.

On the External Data tab, choose Import Excel, point to the Excel file (with the Excel file closed), and select the 'linked table' option button.

Follow the wizard steps to select the sheet or named range containing the Excel table that you want to link.

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Keep your Google Sheets automatically updated with your latest database information.

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