Updating a popcorn ceiling

Posted by / 27-Mar-2018 14:12

But once you get them in your hands, the lightweight material will convince you that these tiles are the very best way to get the kind of look you want for your living room or your industrial warehouse.

Do you have a ceiling that you want to change into something more artistic?

Compared to drop ceiling systems, installing a Ceiling Connex ceiling grid is simple and easy.

The grid system mounts directly to your joists; there are no wires to twist, just a clean, simple ceiling grid, and only basic tools are required.

But the ceilings still felt low, which was odd since they are the same height as the rooms in the condo were.If you are looking to buy the very highest quality Styrofoam ceiling tiles available, then look no further than our store.We have a full selection of the very best tiles, and we can also give you all of the information you need for proper installation and maintenance.Then you need our foam ceiling tiles to help make that change.We will give you all of the advice you need for free to put up your stick-on ceiling tiles and completely change the look of your favorite rooms.

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However, with a direct-mount ceiling grid, you only lose about an inch.

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