Trac updating

Posted by / 30-Mar-2018 15:36

Indeed, there can be multiple upgrade scripts per release.

Note that the 0.12.x release line will be supported for quite some time (LTS - Long Term Support release), at least for any serious issue or security issue that may arise.

Existing bugs and feature requests for Trac Cmd Script are here. The xmlrpc support must be enabled by installing Xml Rpc Plugin, as everything is done via xmlrpc.

Typically, there are seven steps involved in upgrading to a newer version of Trac: It is not a good idea to update a running server: the server processes may have parts of the current packages cached in memory, and updating the code will likely trigger internal errors.

Get the new version as described in Trac Install, or your operating system specific procedure.

If you already have a 0.11 version of Trac installed via .

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A Trac environment stores the version of the database schema in the database itself: and applying them in order until the version numbers match again.