The miz and maryse dating 2016

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He recently lost the Intercontinental belt at No Mercy to Dolph Ziggler only after she was exiled from the ring, so that tells you how important she's become.WWE posted a tweet yesterday that seems to indicate an upcoming split (via Ring Side News).“Whether I’m in the ring for WWE or on a TV or film set, I approach all of my work the same way – with focus, authenticity and total commitment,” John said in a statement (via Deadline).“I’m eager to bring that same work ethic to the team at Leftfield, and to create new kinds of programming that can inspire and push people to be their best.They are wonderful together, though, so it would be sad to see WWE break them up this soon.The good news for Miz is that even if they do break them up for a bit on TV, the duo is married in real life, so they still get to enjoy each other's company, just not in the ring.

But her doctor encourages her to keep trying and tells her to not give up.3.

The Miz Finds Out Maryse Adopted a Dog Behind His Back: Even though The Miz didn't want another dog, when Maryse visits an animal shelter she can't help but take one of the dogs home.

But when The Miz finds out about the dog, he's less than pleased."This is what happens every time you go to a pet shelter, I didn't want another dog, that's what we talked about though," The Miz tells Maryse.

The heel royalty that is The Miz has enjoyed a career renaissance since picking up the intercontinental championship earlier this year.

As with all things, though, storylines tend to come to an end, and recent rumors indicate that The Miz might soon lose a valuable ally.

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is an American professional wrestler, reality television star, and actor.

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