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Then (Zach) Osborne and all of them were jumping and setting fastest lap times.

I’m never pumped on sand sections in Supercross, especially when it’s right after a wall and everybody’s just blasting you! For the night show, they couldn’t really do much with them so then they basically just became jumpers – everybody just started jumping through them. But, for the most part, I thought the track was pretty good. The only downfall was that I couldn’t really tell…when I did my last timed qualifying, everybody started jumping the whoops and I was still trying to skim them, but I didn’t know that people were going to start jumping them until I watched the A practice.

I had a decent jump but I was neck and neck with two people beside me and the safe side of me told me to just let off the throttle and take a bad start and try not to force it. Everything’s there – the bike’s good, I feel good – it’s a matter of just going out there and actually doing it and not being frustrated if I get a bad start. I’ll do Press Day and stuff on Thursday and we get to ride the track so I get a little bit of a head start this week.

I think being the first race I went in way too safe and didn’t try to force the issue. Then I got a bad start and I wasn’t doing too bad at first and then as soon as I got passed and messed up, then I started getting frustrated. This week, I’m going to work on a few things and take everything I did at Atlanta right, take that, and leave all the negatives behind me. I think I was in the middle and I was just watching the person ahead of me more than just trying to go ahead. And you’re going to hang out with us for a couple hours at the Houston Friday night to sign some autographs?

I was a little caught off guard with that but, for the most part, it was kind of nice having the track to myself to get comfortable and not worry about other riders or getting caught up in anybody’s line or anything. Uh, like I say, I felt like I should have been a little further up there, but I had a good gate pick.

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I was first practice with the C group and they weren’t that bad because they were fresh and then I went back out for the timed practice and after all the other guys worked them, they got beat up pretty quick. I think they just did it because I wasn’t at the first round and they kind of just had people that were in the night show at the first round in the B group, I think. I was actually pumped on it because there were only 9 other guys in my practice so it was like I had the track to myself.