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We will be using the same console application that we created in the previous article, so make sure you have read the previous article before we continue.

We will be adding three methods to the console application: add Customer(), delete Customer() and modify Customer() Create and Add Objects in Entity Framework 4.0 In order to add new objects to the Entity Set, you must create an instance of an Entity type and add the object to the object context.

The HTML form markup for this page looks like below: The markup above is standard HTML. We then have an HTML submit button at the bottom of the form.

When pressed it will cause the form it is nested within to post the form inputs to the server.

You can get the inside the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\BINOpen a command prompt and go to the specified folder: Now run the following command: /web: /code: Site Wait for a while and you will be ready with the new file.

Open the file Site Entities and you can see the Manager class is contained inside.

Note that Entity Framework converts our code into queries that the database understand and handles all data interaction and low-level details.

Also notice in the code above, that we are accessing data as objects and properties.

Now there are three ways to add a new object to the object context: 1. We then add this instance to the Customers set using the Entity Set. The Add Object() method is used for adding newly created objects that do not exist in the database.Presently it supports Objects, Datasets, SQL, Entities, XML etc. You might have noted that the previous List Programming examples did not use proper column name access.LINQ allows us to access the List in a Typed manner. As we will be creating custom lists having custom column names, we need to generate the Entity Model.Adding more clarity, we can access the list items based on the column names which we usually do with the databases. The is the tool which helps in generating the Model classes.Although we can create the Model classes manually, it will be a tedious job and prone to error.

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Using SPMetal would be the right approach to model classes.

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