Stages of christian dating

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Stages of christian dating

Ladies, keep in mind that you are meant to be a Helpmeet. Understand that marriage was set up by God for love, not for lust.

Are you ready to be a Helper to the right kind of Christian Man (who is spiritually mature to marry)?

This five-step approach from Ask Mars will help you to avoid some of the unnecessary pitfalls.

In the first stage of dating, we find ourselves attracted to a potential partner. It is our hope that the feeling is mutual, that the timing is right, and that we will have an opportunity to explore the possibilities.

You might not pass through each stage or each step in your relationship.Some people may find the right partner easily, but most do not.Some people take longer than necessary because something is missing in their approach.Once the go-ahead has been given in phase two of courtship, verbal communication can occur.This stage still focuses heavily on non-verbal communications, as a simple ' Hello!

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