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However, most of methods mainly used in single static state network.And less community partition method apply to multi-slice network.Community structure detection is crucial attracted in field of study complex network.People have find vast detection algorithmic of community structure of network.

For over a decade, this romantic rollercoaster ride has been one of television’s top social media and water cooler shows, as one lucky man and 25 lucky women have the unique opportunity to find true love.In this paper, we first according to the time sequence of mobile social networks construct multi-slice network model, then investigate assortativity of MSNs by analyzing the assortativity coefficient over time.In the next instalment, we detect community partition in mobile social networks(MSNs) by optimizing multi-slice modularity function, since The advantages of modularity optimizing is that without prior knowledge of the communities.Coming of age is often a major part of their stories. What separates slice of life as a genre from the literal meaning of the phrase (which would encompass nearly all fiction) is the emphasis on the very moment, with the intent of focusing the audience on that moment rather than using that moment as part of a narrative.For example, a story about hilarious roommate hi-jinx may depict the mundane life of roommates, but these mundane events are usually the set-ups and punchlines of jokes or part of the conflict between the characters, which takes away their slice-of-life-ness and cements them firmly in the realm of comedy or drama.

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Slice of Life series don't usually have much of a plot or, if taken to extreme, even the omnipresent Conflict, but they don't really need one, and many Slice of Life stories use a lack of conflict to serve peaceful escapism rather than realism.

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