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The solution is to manually set up the Pages library the same way Microsoft does by adding two event receivers, changing some columns from hidden to visible and adding them to the default view.Note: This example uses commands from the Office Dev Pn P Power Shell library, ex. I recommend using this library for working this Power Shell and Share Point (both Online and On-Premises).This was my scenario: I had created a remote event receiver that was attached to a document library and was supposed to act whenever an item in the list was updated.The initialization of the event receiver looks like this: And all was fine in the world.One more imprtant thing to notice list event reciever and document libraray event reciever are different interms of contextual data avaialability.Following Table will give you a clear picture about the contextual data in each events.The event receiver was nicely attached and got busy when I uploaded a document. I was trying to change permissions on an item and this was the part of my code that was creating the problems: Inside my SPRemote Event Type.

Share Point Workflow Architecture – Part 1 Share Point Workflow Architecture – Part 2 Locked tasks or stuck tasks are one of the most common issues many people have seen in workflows.

Andy is one of the Escalation Engineer with the Share Point Developer Support team.

The series of posts on Workflows are his contribution for the community to better understand the internals of workflow runtime and how it interacts with Share Point.

How I solved it Googleing this helped me not one bit and my first solution was something I would like to hide at the bottom of some server (I don’t want to talk about it, let’s just say it had something to do with counting the seconds since the last update).

At your disposal on SPRemote Event Properties you have after Properties and before Properties, found by doing this: And those were the key to the problem: how to act on the firing only when the user changes something and not when it updates itself?

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Event recievers are common in Sharepoint development so its better to understand the data available in each events.

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