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Known as "King" on the street, Postell is charged with using a 15-year old girl as a sex slave, and taking her and possibly other victims to locations in Ft. The teenager was part of May's prostitution dragnet, and Judd said it was a delicate process getting her to speak about her role in the human trafficking ring.Detectives suspected she was involved because of an ID mark on her skin. Postell is also accused of using state-funded food cards, despite having income from his alleged prostitution business.ISIS has been generating millions of dollars through the sale of women and children abducted from the regions it has conquered.While the Yazidi slave trade is well publicized in the West, we also chillingly learned through our , that ISIS has not only enslaved Yazidi women (who they claim as devil worshippers), but also women who were the wives and daughters of its so-called enemies—most of them Sunni Muslims.Hoda served over a year as a slave to ISIS fighters, after which she with her three children, was put up for sale on an ISIS internet page with reference to her as “slave number twelve”.Below is the picture of them featured on that web page.Murad has just exposed Europeans, Tunisians and US ally — Saudi Arabia — for their role in this horrific sex slave trade.

Eventually they exchanged phone numbers, texted and “Face Timed, or video chatted, daily.

“I’m telling parents to rethink your notions about privacy and boundaries,” County Attorney Pete Orput said Wednesday.

It’s not an intrusion, but a necessity, to take charge of children’s use of phones and computers in these days of a “very unsafe” Internet, he said.

In March, a police officer at Stillwater Junior High School learned of “inappropriate communication” between a seventh-grader and a 19-year-old man in Arlington, Wash., the complaint said.

After reviewing e-mail correspondence, the officer “believed that this may be a copycat from the character in the novel and movie ‘50 Shades of Grey’ where the dominant male character uses a contract and rules to control a submissive female,” the complaint said.

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Few Americans could hardly have imagined the devastation, destruction, and horror experienced by the Iraqi people when the decision to invade Iraq was made in 2003.

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