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Woodbury police detectives, who led the investigation, spent months obtaining search warrants and then combing through internet, phone, travel and business records to build their case.

“Early examination of the cellphone reveals a prolific amount of trafficking over a long period of time,” according to the criminal complaint.

The show initially focused on the struggles of the twins, how they both adjusted to their new lives in Beverly Hills with culture shock and their relationships with their new Beverly Hills friends, Dylan Mc Kay, Andrea Zuckerman, Steve Sanders, Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin, and David Silver.

She was the show's female protagonist from seasons 1 to 4.

Even in foreign territory when she arrives in Beverly Hills, she seeks out adventures and new experiences and what Beverly Hills can offer her.

Sports figure(s) involved: Bryant Mc Kinnie, Fred Smoot, Lance Johnstone and unidentified others Year: 2005 More than a dozen former Vikings (including quarterback Daunte Culpepper) were implicated in the infamous sex boat scandal.

The event, which featured the, er, entertainment of exotic dancers flown in from Atlanta, was allegedly organized by cornerback Fred Smoot.

He's pure class—and you just can't compete against that.

Oscar Pistorius It's all I can do to rouse myself in the morning for a three-mile run, the minimum exercise necessary to keep me from looking like an adult toddler.

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