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Rutorrent rss not updating

RSS regular expressions (PCRE Regex) is the language used for the creation of RSS rules.

Another common use of PCRE Regex is the preg_replace(); function in PHP.

RSS regex can be used to create, filter, organise, and automatically download files. in file name * Repeats the preceding character 0 or multiple times ?

This tool has a lot of features, but it requires some command-line knowledge to use it.

Do test your setup properly before configuring the plugin to autodownload!

Set up your filters and leave the plugin running for about a day, then examine the results and verify that your filters are actually filtering out the right stuff!

This is just a display of the announce channels for each server.

This tab is solely for settings related to each tracker you use.

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go to and start seeding Package versions that this logic has been applied on:-DSM 2.3-1139-xmlrpc-c 1.16.26-r Torrent 0.8.6/0.12.6-ru Torrent 3.0This is a detailed and modified version of ser78's autoinstall version. If I enter /opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd manually it works. It runs fine if you execute it manually from /opt/etc/init.d, but not after a device restart. I will also take another look at the logs and see if I still might find something in there. please waitbootstrap/bootstrap/bootstrap.shbootstrap/ipkg-opt.ipkbootstrap/ipkg.shbootstrap/optware-bootstrap.ipkbootstrap/wget.ipk1232 1 records in1232 1 records out Creating temporary ipkg repository... The problem is that when rtorrent has created the files, I can't delete them from windows despite having full rights to the shared folder in the DS-GUI. kemetyl, you can change the mask for rtorrent created files so they can be deleted via windows sharing (samba).