Royalty dating reality show age dating difference

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Royalty dating reality show

The network said that it was looking to air the remaining shows at a different spot at a later date. Thanking American television viewers for its demise, Time wrote: “Ultimately, one assumes, it would be watched only by the losers of bets and people who had just died in front of their television sets….I Love New York 2 was a reality television show on VH1 that starred Tiffany "New York" Pollard who was on a quest to find her true love.Rob is easily the best-looking, most charming and snarkiest of the men, and as such is the most well-groomed (perhaps literally) for the camera, easily outshining his castmates to start the series.

Unlike the first season, Mauricio Sanchez did not return as "Chamo", New York's assistant.

endeavors to have their four royals-in-disguise meet and mingle with "regular" girls in Atlanta with the hope of finding the right one for each of them to bring home as their princess or lady of the manor.

PHOTOS: Kim Goodman Gives the Odds on Which Fall Shows Will Survive The premise of the series is boilerplate: Four wealthy, foreign men have come to America to live in a house together and date American women, all while pretending that the shabby house and low-paying jobs are who they really are.

PHOTOS: The 100 Fresh Faces of Fall TV Also in the group is Prince Salauddin Babi of India, who might not be the most handsome of the bunch but has a certain charm despite his snobby dismissal of so many things.

"Sal," as he prefers to be called, is used to a palace with 50 servants and makes quick claims to his own bathroom upstairs, denouncing the idea of sharing a bathroom as unthinkable.

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