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Riki lindhome dating

Guest stars in the first two episodes are Steve Agee of "New Girl," Abby Elliott of "Saturday Night Live," Chris Hardwick of "Talking Dead," Anthony Jeselnik of "The Jeselnik Offensive," Natasha Leggero of "Burning Love," Tig Notaro of "Professor Blastoff" podcast, and Chris Parnell of "Suburgatory."The duo takes its name from rock-and-roll second bananas Art Garfunkel and John Oates.

'" The duo's new comedy series "Garfunkel and Oates" debuted on the IFC channel in early August.

Have any of the awkward or sad real-life story lines been difficult for you to revisit? Maybe I need to shut down a little." The biggest trap that all performers and writers find is that when something really crazy, really bad happens, your mind immediately goes to "can I write about this? Can you single out other bizarre moments from the show that fall under stranger-than-fiction?

Micucci: For me, it was the Peter Pan Syndrome [a condition where adult is socially adolescent].

While the alter egos of stand-up duo Garfunkel and Oates pay homage to two of rock & roll's top "second bananas," musicians/comedians Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci are more likely to sing about blowjobs and pompous pregnant women than, say, troubled waters or dreams coming true.

After honing their live act and releasing popular You Tube videos for a few years, the pair landed an eponymous series on IFC, playing exaggerated versions of themselves and using awkward real-life experiences — fertility treatments, awful sex, misogynistic "fans" — as inspiration.

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As actresses, Riki Lindhome, 35, and Kate Micucci, 34, have plenty of television, film and commercial acting credits between them.

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