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In particular, a REST design would have the "paid" flag of an existing invoice exposed as a resource, with its own URI and actions.

The fact that the boolean may belong to the invoices table is irrelevant from a REST viewpoint. @fxn I agree that concept and implementation are two different things.

Here's why simply adding a lock_version column doesn't prevent the problem.

Let's start with an employee that two users are going to edit. They're both presented with a form, with the manager checkbox unchecked, and salary set to 3.

Hi, So, one replaces one confusing method with another one?

Or should I use "update_column" multiple times for each column? Does anyone have a recommendation for a one-liner, fast executing code to accomplish the same functionality?

Therefore, the notion or exposal of column confuses me in an Active Record model. update_attribute could be called on a new record, update_column can't.

Active Record should abstract the connection between physical and logical representation, in my eyes.

Otherwise, proxies and caches, and even clients and servers, may get confused as to the result of the operation. Furthermore, PATCH should be made the default form method when editing existing model records, since 99% of the time, users want to modify an existing record instead of replacing it.Optimistic locking prevents updating a stale object, but it doesn't prevent updating a fresh object with changes based on a stale object.And solving that problem isn't simple (at least, not that I know. I'm going to use the same scenario from my blog post yesterday.This also allows you to create non-table attributes that affect the record.For instance, a full_name=() method could parse the string and set the first_name=() and last_name() accordingly.

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