Punkbuster not updating bf4

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A DICE employee even posted about our BF3 Settings Editor to say it was a "cool tool" and give us advice to help us improve it. BF4 Settings Editor is entirely safe — you will not get into any trouble with Punk Buster.BF4 Settings Editor only modifies your Battlefield 4 settings files; it does not touch the core game data in any way, nor does it make any modifications to the running game. Yes everything else has been updated to the latest versions, drivers, game, PB, etc.Remember to run live update a few times a day to keep your product up to date.

Stated reason: Punk Buster kicked player 'XXXX' (for 0 minutes) ... I checked my firewall to make sure BF4 and Punkbuster are permitted and they were, and tried temporarily disabling both the Firewall and AV with no resolution. Do you have any other security program installed now? So I have narrowed it down to one of the following functions in Norton that is causing the issue: Idle Time Optimizer, Remote Management, Power Saving Mode, Special Offer Notifications, Firefox cleanup and I've turned all Task Scheduling to Manual.The message came up on every server in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, that left me unable to join the game completely, only the campaign kept working.Joined the servers before just with Firefox just installed for that purpose. Web answers that Hopefully your problem – like mine – is somehow related to Punkbuster!Since that change to Google Chrome the problem uccured – which was not the case! There are these two Punkbuster executables beeing started as Windows services on startup: Pnk Bstr and Pnk Bstr After running the Punkbuster system test from \Battlefield Folder\__Installer\punkbuster\redist\which resulted in „Test completed successfully without errors“ – which is completely wrong!

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Delete the following files: PROF_SAVE_body, PROF_SAVE_header and PROF_SAVE_profile.

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