Printable dating questionnaire

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If you both answer "sometimes" it doesn't make you more compatible just because you answered the same, but imagine the big line of communication it could open up.

This unique set of 166 questions is used as a discussion and discovery tool — not to keep score.

Once we’d put the kids to bed that night, I brought out my game.

We took turns drawing out a question, reading it and answering or acting on it.

A couple days ahead of time, I decided to think up enough questions to create a little Valentine’s game to play with him.

Now that my kids are back in school, I’m trying to focus on my marriage a little more, and I’ve been thinking that this long weekend might be a perfect time to use this idea again 🙂 One Valentine’s Day years ago – my husband and I were once again planning an evening in with our four kids because we were a) too broke for both a babysitter and dinner and b) didn’t know any babysitters anyway…

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Achieving national unity later than other European nations, Germany quickly caught up economically and militarily, before defeats in World War I and II left the country shattered, facing the difficult legacy of Nazism, and divided between Europe's Cold War blocs.

) I came up with several questions, dares and activities and wrote them down on slips of paper.

I folded each one up and put them in a heart bowl and waited for Valentine’s Day.

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When my daughter became engaged, I went online seeking a good marriage compatibility test for them to take.

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