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Photostream not updating on pc

* Run the icloud program, click on Photo Steam Options and point it to the new folders you have created.

The Settings page says that Photos will automatically by sent to Photo Stream when I am connected to Wi-Fi, however I've waited several minutes and don't see them in i Photo. Is there any way to force them to be synced to i Cloud from the i Phone?

Turning on Photo Stream will download photos that are still stored in Photo Stream (last 30 days), although not in any logical order.

Previously, photos downloaded and were sorted by date.

Today's photos then started appearing straight away on the i Pad.

One word that Apple can't use when describing the horrific experiences with the new Photos app in i OS 8.

The download page also lists Internet Explorer 8 and Outlook 2007 or newer as requirements, but that’s only if you want to sync bookmarks or mail/contacts/calendar data. While it’s downloading and installing, go to your i Pad and/or i Phone and ensure that Photo Stream is on.Apple seriously needs to give some feedback about why Photostream isn't syncing in their UI like Dropbox does.Update: Murphy's law though the actual photos I really care about seem stuck in Photostream purgatory and won't appear on other devices.I added some new photos to the Upload folder, but i Cloud Photostream doesn’t sync the photos to my i OS device. * Create exact folders and change the security settings to full control for all users.Make sure using the same folder names as the i Cloud Panel when you make your new folders.

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