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“We met up at Cake & the Beanstalk -- I think it’s a hummus shop now -- and things are going good, we’re having a good conversation.We were sitting outside by a wall, a brick wall, and suddenly we see this squirrel running -style along the wall, headed for her.However, if you’re single in a city with a park dedicated to Love, it is not surprising that you could be feeling rather lonely!

Whether you prefer "one whiz with" or haute cuisine, baseball or the opera, the casino or Independence Hall, there's no shortage of Philadelphia date ideas.

The walls, sidewalks, and ceilings gleam with dazzling rainbows of glass, chinaware, and knick-knacks.

Attend a twilight event after-hours and add a little BYOB fun to your maze-like wanderings.

But all of the bad aspects of this city's dating pool are made up through good-ass stories.

Whether you want to feel better about your own dating life or crawl into a ball of despair, we had some of Philly's boys and girls share their worst anecdotes about dating in Philly to help you out during Valentine's Day this year.

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The birthplace of American democracy, Philadelphia bleeds red, white, and blue…and green - GO EAGLES!