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Personal cam sight

As part of The Cambridge’s commitment to the community a donation was made for every vote cast as part of the Annual General Meeting to the charity Cam Sight.

The charity, that supports blind and partially sighted people of all ages in Cambridgeshire, was chosen as the AGM beneficiary after missing out on becoming one of our four charity partners.

The researchers found that the relationship between cognition and action perception is significantly influenced by camera movement and that the use of camera techniques such as steadicam elicit stronger mirroring responses and an augmented sense of involvement in the scene because this type of cinematography more closely resembles human movement than static camera, zooms, or dolly-mounted tracking shots (Heimann et al. These findings are consistent with eye tracking studies by Paul Marchant and colleagues who have demonstrated that the audience’s visual attention is captured and guided by mobile framing, focus, the direction of screen characters’ movement and lines of sight, and the colour and motion of other aspects of the mise-en-scene (Marchant et al. This interplay of figure movement and the technical and aesthetic dimensions of cinematography is relevant to in that the arresting beach landing scene at the start of the film is shot almost exclusively using hand-held camera to simulate human movement.

The study by Heimann and colleagues suggests that this form of camera movement, teamed with the panicked motion of the figures on screen, functions to elicit a sense of affective identification with Captain Miller and the soldiers he leads by stimulating a shared experience of embodied confusion and sensory overload as the military men shake with fear and scramble to dodge the shrapnel ricocheting across the war-ravaged beach.

Most recently, the X-Cam Creative Sight 2 has come out.

Part gimbal, part photography stick, how does it function as an image stabiliser?

This money will go towards helping us deliver our football programme or the rural outreach groups.Fundraising Ambassador Warren Wilson received the cheque for £1,225 from our Chairman Jonathan Spence.He said: “Thank you so much for this kind donation.Consider the proliferation of lens-based images in contemporary society with tabloids, newspapers and magazines, television, film, the Internet and mobile communications.The world today has been conditioned, overwhelmingly, to visualize.

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The “picture” has almost replaced the “word” as a means of communication.

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