My quick sex cam free no reg

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My quick sex cam free no reg

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Hi,just read all the reviews to reset the megane roof.

I also switched off ignition midway through opening and as said earlier a complete no/no.

The strap i take it must be reset in the configuration as I operated my y reg hood the other day not realising my vehicle was still in gear the hand break was on I accidentally lifted my foot off the clutch causing the car too stall hence I am hear writing this so I take it there are no photos showing a before and after as I have searched the planet for this Renault must deliberately take all off the web so we are forced too go too there scam merchants so I am asking does the other side refit back into the mechanism I know I must take it off too reset perhaps a photo demo is too be produced as looking and seeing is better than reading and trying too visualise Cleggy - Thank you!!!

Had my little Megane for 2 days, then I screwed up by half opening the roof to clean the back plastic screen and swiching off the ignition, big big no no!!

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