My moms dating my boyfriends dad

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My moms dating my boyfriends dad

Young marriage does put people at a higher risk of divorce.If your daughter comes to you for advice about getting married upon graduation, separate out what you say from your own concern about how good a stepson her boyfriend would be. Daughter Inherited Dad's Birthmark: Both my husband and our daughter were born with port-wine stains on their faces.I met my bf in the 7th grade when no one liked me, and my mom and his dad hadnt told us they were dating yet.

Parenting, Dating: I've been divorced for five years, raised a wonderful daughter who is in her fourth year of college, and started dating a wonderful man one year ago.

The only red flag I see here is that your daughter and his son are a little young to be settling down.

Many people do successfully marry their college sweethearts, but I don't see why they would rush into it.

We had an amazing mom/daughter relationship that seems gone.

She acts catty toward me now like we are in competition (which we definitely arent I do not want this guy back) and very secretive and will scream at me if I object to whats going on.

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DEAR AMY: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. Yesterday we found out that his mom and my dad have been secretly dating for about three weeks.