Message error validating verification code updating a mid century modern home

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Message error validating verification code

invalid_credentials: OAuth2:: Error, : web_1 | Full trace Started GET "/users/auth/facebook/callback?code=AQCOB_jcups TF..M&state=1ec...184" for 1.1 at 2015-10-22 0000 web_1 | I, [2015-10-22T.409907 #1] INFO -- omniauth: (facebook) Callback phase initiated.Signing your software is important: by showing a nicer dialog to the end user, it gives end users more confidence that they are not installing malware.

I encountered so many problems along the way that could have been easily avoided if someone had told me about them ahead of time.On a new installation of rails, devise and omniauth-facebook I get this error. do any have an idea what it is or experienced the same problem?thank you ERROR -- omniauth: (facebook) Authentication failure!web_1 | E, [2015-10-22T.674210 #1] ERROR -- omniauth: (facebook) Authentication failure!invalid_credentials: OAuth2:: Error, : web_1 | web_1 | Processing by Users:: Omniauth Callbacks Controller#failure as HTML web_1 | Parameters: web_1 | Redirected to web_1 | Completed 302 Found in 1ms (Active Record: 0.0ms) I have the same issue.

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I suceeded with a testing facebook app ( in using almost exactly the same code (keys, urls and secrets exchanged) And I get the following error when acting on the returned verification code...