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Viber is the mobile messaging company that was bought over by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for US0 million early this year.The team led by Miss Crystal Lee – Viber Country Manager for Philippines showed impressive Myanmar market share figure from On Device’s research […] Tagged With: Alipay, Crystal Lee, dysfunctional banking system, Facebook Messaging, Line, low penetration of credit card, Online Payment System, Ooredoo, Pay Pal, poor telecom infrastructure, Rakuten, slow internet spped, subcribers, Talmon Marco, telenor, user base, Viber, We Chat, Whats App The awarding of two new telecom licenses is a watershed in Myanmar’s road to modernization.This might explain why during her last visit to Washington the Lady mentioned the “communal strife and tensions within the Rakhine State” but avoided explicitly mentioning the “Rohingya” as such, aware of the impact that this recognition in the Oval Office would have back home.

The country's 2014 census counted a much lower population than expected, with 51 million people recorded.

Eager to attract funding for the huge infrastructure projects that the country needs after almost five decades of stagnation, she is being accused of passing a Foreign Investment Law that leaves domestic stakeholders unprotected and could worsen the already acute problem of land-grabbing.

The projects themselves – dams, roads or power plants – will have a major impact on rural areas and are thus subject to strong contestation by the affected populations.

Indeed, as a result of the current constitution, approved under military rule, the army still holds a 25% of the seats in the Lower House and keeps control of three key ministries: home affairs, defence, and border affairs.

Just a few months before the elections that brought the NLD to power, the military controlled parliament adopted four “Race and Religion Protection Laws” to the quiet delight of the Buddhist clergy or .

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At the launch party, he invited fans to share a piece of the spotlight by bringing them up on stage and taking photos with them.

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