Linux shell programing validating date access form table updating

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For that reason, Oracle Database 10 for Linux includes enhancements that are closely related to the operating system.Now more than ever, DBAs need to have knowledge of and experience on this platform to best administer the systems under their watch.There is a traditional division of responsibilities between sysadmins and DBAs.

Below code snippet is quite simple as a concept of FOR loop we might need to loop over the files to perform operations. ) Following is the ready to use send Email function for your shell scripts.

Many IT shops employ individuals who address concerns at the database as well as the operating system levels.

And of course the Oracle Database itself uses operating system resources and is designed to interact closely with its environment.

Now, in this modified version, we are going to check the number of arguments to verify the script will get the single argument it expects.

) that this variable represents the number of command-line arguments passed to an executed script.

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This will load the key value pairs and you may verify & access the values as $key1 or $key2.

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