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Posted by / 19-Apr-2017 18:03

Libya international law needs updating

The Daily Need is collecting updates from bloggers and activists in Libya as the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi unfolds.

We’ll be offering original reporting and interviews with experts, as well as photos and videos from the ground.

The total civilian casualty figure for May is the highest for any month so far in 2017.

Victims included 13 men killed and 20 injured, 5 children killed and 4 injured and 5 women injured.

In Benghazi, the seat of opposition power, an explosion has killed possibly dozens of people, though the cause remains unclear.

And yet, Libyans have continued to protest in large numbers.

As the Gadhafi regime digs in and resorts to more desperate measures — shutting off Internet access, kidnapping and arresting demonstrators and blocking the supply of electricity to opposition-held territories — the fighting is likely to intensify.

This compares with 205,858 arrivals and 2,512 deaths across the region through .

Since the last UN Migration Agency (IOM) Mediterranean update (30 May), 1,271 rescued migrants have been brought to Italy.

Moreover, the unstable security situation has allowed extremist groups to operate and commit atrocities in Libya with impunity, and allowed people smugglers to cause a humanitarian crisis by exploiting migrants seeking to cross the Mediterranean.

Reports by the UN, human rights NGOs and human rights defenders (HRDs) have highlighted the worsening human rights and humanitarian situations caused by the continuing conflict, and the suffering of the civilian population, civil society and HRDs.

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