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Levels of dating relationships

In stage three, we have made a mutual decision to be in a committed, exclusive relationship.

When you are dating someone who seems very special to you, it is normal to suddenly wonder whether you wish to continue dating that person.The sex will not always be that good; it may get better or it may get worse. It's pure poetry; love magnified; a revisit to the warm womb of security.But all those lovely feelings are that of a first swim in the cool, crisp pond of falling in love. Then the negotiation between security and autonomy, that life-long struggle, crawls in and we begin to land. Landing The landing from that fantastic flight can feel scary, as we see things a lot more clearly. Burying This stage happens when all the to-do lists of life come toppling into the relationship.In one of their studies, they found the keys to understanding your relationship development–there are three distinct relationship stages and this is what each stage looks like.What is it: Casual dating is the first stage of any relationship.

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It is characterized by people just dating for fun without any expectation of commitment or exclusivity.

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