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The stunning waitress who had an affair with Eddie Cibrian while he was married to Brandi Glanville has revealed that the hunky actor attempted to rekindle their romance soon after he began dating his current wife, Le Ann Rimes!In an exclusive interview with Radar Online.com, Scheana Marie, 27, claims that the hunky star contacted her to met up for drinks soon after he split with Glanville in 2009.Dean Sheremet recently announced that his marriage to wife Sarah had crashed and burned and he was getting another divorce.Around that time, Dean and Brandi Glanville apparently became BFFs.Honestly, we’re not sure why this didn’t happen sooner.Their revenge sex is half a decade late, but hey better late than never.For those of you who don’t recall, Dean Sheremet is the other scorned ex who got completely burnt by the Le Ann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian cheating scandal.While Brandi was sitting home alone waiting for her cheating husband to return, Dean Sheremet was waiting up for his cheating wife Le Ann to come home.

Oh and you’re married yourself but decided that your husband just wasn’t cutting it for you. But don’t go on public television to defend your actions. Studies have shown that even people who are involved in extramarital affairs don’t condone cheating.

But shortly into trying to hang out with him I find out about Le Ann, and I felt like such an idiot!

” PHOTOS: Le Ann Rimes Breaks Down Over Treatment Scheana recalls the moment she first met Eddie, 39, and says she was instantly smitten.

When asked about the affair, Le Ann said “It happens every day to so many people. We hope [that] one day, I think people will feel [that] publicly.” Contrary to other reports, Le Ann doesn’t start crying and defending herself.

Le Ann was married to Dean, a dancer and Eddie was married to Brandi Glanville, a model with whom he had 2 kids. You had two couples whose marriages didn’t work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love. And I think people are finally seeing that, but it doesn’t mean that people will accept it or the tabloids will stop trying to print lies and try to tear us apart or tear us down.” Rimes then chimes in, “We’re really happy in what we feel privately.

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Brandi Glanville and Dean Sheremet are officially dating?!

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