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Ladatingscene com

The second time was when I was asked to write about LA’s dating scene.

The past decade has taught me a lot about life, people and DIL (Dating in LA). The little kid inside of me loves Batman, I hardly ever send emoji(s) to girls I like over text messages, I enjoy talking about tech with friends over tacos, I workout about 4/5 times a week now, and I am an unapologetic, albeit objective, Lakers fan who will miss Kobe Bryant after he retires (finger crossed he goes out on a high note).

LA is an interesting city, known for traffic, the movie industry, yoga lifestyle, great eats, and beaches.

I made it my mission, both online and off, to showcase myself differently and that's how I ended up meeting my husband -- a guy who is just as comfortable with his name in the big screen as he is changing a diaper.

For those unbiased Celtic fans still reading, thank you!

Unlike , which begins in 1998 in New York City, our setting is a few weeks after my birthday in 2015, at a hipster coffee shop in our beloved city of Angels.

I envisioned that it could be possible to have a great career and meet a quality guy that I could build a life with.

One of these dreams proved harder than the other to attain.

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Taking its cues from classic mid-20th Century comedies with a stylish and contemporary spin, L. Times is an irreverent tale of life and the search for elusive love in the 21st Century.

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