Justin dating jasmine villegas

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Justin dating jasmine villegas

So you know, he flew me out to New York for the first time where I would stay for a few weeks with my mother and we would record songs.

since Jasmine V blessed our ears with new music — and her fans have definitely let her know.

This is one out of the two big Jelena posts I told you I was gonna talk about. How about New Years Eve During 2009 when Justin was just starting to become a big star, he was asked about girls who were well known. Everytime he was asked about her, he said “She’s pretty but I don’t like her.” So he wasn’t interested in her especially since he started dating Jasmine Villegas about 2 months later.

What launched your career in the entertainment business? So I was doing all that and I did a couple of commercials and I did a few jobs here and there. Was anybody in your family in the entertainment business before you? My family was always musical though, but none of them made a career out of it. Another big opportunity came when you were in Justin Bieber’s video “Baby.” I was 16, that was so long ago!

Jasmine V: It’s funny because I’m originally from San Jose and my grandma put into me in a pageant when I was seven at like the local mall and that’s when I first knew I liked being in front of people. So, pageants slowly got into acting and modeling, so that’s when I moved out to L. I was walking down the street from my agency and some guy heard me singing Frankie J’s “How To Deal” and when he heard me singing he introduced me to a couple of people he knew in the music industry, I didn’t know much about it. I got to the lady who is still my manager to this day, it’s been about 10 years since she’s managed me, and I got signed to Damon Dash when I was 12. It was definitely a new experience, especially being so young and not knowing anything about the music industry.

Justin Bieber was locked in a serious make-out session with the chick who stars in his "Baby" music video ...

but the shocking part -- it all went down in the back of a Honda!!! The chick playing tonsil hockey with The Biebs is 16-year-old Jasmine Villegas -- who also happens to be the opening act on Bieber's concert tour.

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So, when I worked with Damon Dash it was definitely one for the books. I loved Aretha Franklin because I used to sing her song “Respect” at like every talent show and I would win with it.