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James franco is dating

] This was definitely an inneresting take on the matter!

Gay James: Well, I like to think that I'm gay in my art and straight in my life. His art may have a unique view, but Franco has always had a way with the ladies!

We bring the definitive list of Bollywood's and worlds rich, single, hot and famous.

Stunning looks and an ever growing bank balance make Katrina Kaif one hot property.

Looks like she is even toning it down for the red carpet.

writer John Hamburg, and stars James Franco, Bryan Cranston, and Megan Mullaly WHY WE CARE: Is the clash between a father and potential future son-in-law fertile ground for a movie? Especially if the latter is a filter-less zillionaire.

Do Bryan Cranston and James Franco seem to be having fun in a big studio comedy, untethered from the dramatic and experimental work they tend to favor of late, respectively? Of course, it doesn’t hurt that sharp-eyed viewers might happen to notice a certain magazine cameo about a minute in, which we can all agree seems enough to make this worth the price of admission alone, right?

is more “girl talk” than anything else, in that the actor is spilling about everything from his high school sweetheart to his cat attacking one of his female house guests. I was a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating.” 3. “There’s a lot to be gained from various scenarios. But it’s not to say that monogamy is necessarily the ultimate.” 6.

So, to help those single ladies get to know the bachelor, here are 10 things we learned about Franco and his outlook on the fairer sex. He got into acting because his girlfriend had to kiss someone in a school play. It’s not all of me,” he replies when asked if he’ll ever fall in love with someone who didn’t like his writing.

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It seems that when two stars of the opposite sex begin working together, tabloids automatically assume they’re also dating, but that simply isn’t the case here.