Is dale earnhardt jr still dating amy

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Hollywood Lifers, are you elated to find out Dale and Amy tied the knot on NYE?

LAS VEGAS -- Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s offseason plans include a test to confirm the Hendrick Motorsports driver is fit and ready to return to competition.

Those who know him best said he’s never been happier or more content.

He’s struggled in the past with the fame and fortune of being the son of a seven-time champion, often being recluse and guarded from his adoring public.“I feel like my part of him coming out of his shell is subtle things, spending more time with family, going out to eat, trying to be more normal,” she said in a recent podcast interview posted at “When I met him he was nocturnal, staying up all night playing video games and he slept all day long.

On New Year’s Day, Amy even changed her last name to Earnhardt on Twitter, proving they’re the real deal. It’s all been history from there for the lovebirds, who solidified their eternal bond on NYE 2017!

Her beau took to social media shortly after, writing, “Happily married!!! Looking forward to the rest of our lives.” He continued with a sweet message, acknowledging all of their fans and loved ones for their support. The duo was last spotted cozying up at the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards at Wynn, Las Vegas on Dec. At the event, he even gushed about his bride-to-be, saying, “I’m so excited, so thrilled to be a part of it and I look forward to our future.” Cheers to many more great memories!

He said he is looking forward to being involved in all the planning for the upcoming event. "I'm so excited, so thrilled to be a part of it and I look forward to our future." The winner of 26 NASCAR premier series races, including a pair of Daytona 500 titles, Earnhardt was sidelined for the final 18 races of the 2016 season after suffering concussion-like symptoms following crashes in two races this past summer.

"The people we interact with on Twitter are, ' When are you going to do it? "She gets it more than I do: People telling her all the time I need to put a ring on it. People are like, ' Man, your time is running out. '" He added: "I'm not going to be held accountable (to wear a ring) and she can do whatever she wants.

We were thinking about doing it next summer but then the schedule changes every year and we didn’t want the race to fall on our anniversary.

So we’re going to do it in the off-season so we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate it however we want." Earnhardt proposed to his long-time girlfriend during a trip to Germany on June 17.

People stopped by the house and dropped off to-go boxes. Cooking dinner and trying to be more normal and being awake during the day.

That’s basically how I’ve influenced him a little bit.

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Wedding bells will be a part of the brief break as well.

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