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In fact, to date, several Tate & Tryon clients have received such a notice.

Additionally, we have found a Virginia Society of CPAs listserv thread in which various practitioners discuss the erroneous notices their clients have received.

Oddly, the address changes appear to be variations of the taxpayer’s regular address.

Sometimes the “change” is not a change at all, as the address is correct.

The language is generally easier to understand than in the past, but it's natural to worry when you receive a notice.

If you receive a notice and want more information about how to respond, contact one of our tax professionals right away.

If you move abroad, the IRS suggests entering the foreign address in the format customarily used in that country.

And, if you want all of your tax-related correspondence sent to a third party, such as your attorney, you can enter “c/o” – short for “in care of” – before the attorney's name and mailing address.

Many are computer-generated because these days the IRS relies less on employees to get directly involved in issues including collections.If you received a notice from the IRS about changing the address of your business, please do not be overly concerned.Apparently the IRS recently started focusing on the mailing address of each business as it appears on all the tax returns of that particular business.This can happen, for example, when a taxpayer files a return showing a new address, or when the IRS receives information from the United States Postal Service indicating a new address.The IRS generally updates their records within 45 days of receiving information about a new address, although this period can be delayed during the busy filing season.

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Some of the notices we have seen compare the address used on the income tax return (Form 1120 or 1120S, for example) with the address used on payroll tax returns.

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