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I am dating an ugly guy

Although you might have asked yourself 'why aren't I dating my male best friend who is a great dancer, fabulous dresser, and cohort to late night lip synching? The point is this: Ugly doesn't mean stability, security, or even monogamy. You probably have to go shopping right about now.) I want Hot. For this past weekend I attended a wedding by myself and actually didn't want to kill myself. I felt as though a crime had been committed by my having to bear witness to that.

If you think back to the last time nothing mattered, did you ever say to yourself 'oh, Guraraghi Vinkaghi is winning all those science competitions, let me snag him' -- or 'oh, Matt will surely leave me for a younger woman, he has washboard abs, a perfect smile, and spiky yet cool hair'. (Although I suppose if what you really want is Rich, then this article really won't serve you well. Financial security and stability is NOT the stuff good relationships are built on! Oh how I would never feign a future with any of them! And as the night progressed, I thought, wow, there's nothing worse than an ugly guy who can't dance -- I'd never seen so many unwarranted arm thrusts and head bobs.

"Oh, the Hot Guy will Twitter pics of his penis to college girls! (Although if someone robbed me, I'd be pissed; my high-end discounted shoe and handbag collection took a long time to put together.) The thing is, has the potential for lewd, crude, and dishonest behavior. But no one writes about them because they're so ugly. And just then, somewhere between choking on a shrimp tail and my fourteenth cosmopolitan, I spotted my former life: a Beauty and her Beast. Not because I'd never seen a beast so ugly or a beauty so beautiful (I mean come on), but because I saw their future flash right before my eyes; a future I know all too well: an ominous dinner invitation to Tio Pepe's...

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And I've gotta say -- it DOES have something to do with their looks.

So if you're a Bo Derek-solid 10, here are reasons why you should consider dating someone who's a Dudley Moore...

A Hot Guy who will blind me into forgetting that he has no job, no apartment, no bank account.

" and, "Oh the Hot Guy will have an illegitimate child with the housekeeper! Why else would they be flashing penis on their computer instead of chatting up poor, defenseless, underage coeds at a bar?

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Mostly because they were so lucky to have me because I'm so pretty.