How to stop being accommodating validating military backgrounds

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How to stop being accommodating

I’m posting this shortly after realizing it for myself.I’ll answer questions to help you get clarification, so you can help me reshape this attribute of mine.My father had a competitor across the street and one block down.The term "codependency" can mean different things to different people.You only need to be unavailable for a few times before these requests start to taper off. My girlfriend used to have the same problem and it bothered her a lot. The concept that someone thinks you’re too accommodating is irrelevant.

He didn't insult my approach, just stated that it's hardcore and intimidating to a lot of people.But I have quit being an accommodator and nothing else.Five years ago yesterday it was, at two o’clock in the morning; I am not likely to forget the place or the hour. A pile of days and hours put on the counter of the world with a sign inviting every Tom, Dick, and Harry to take one?My goal is to be “less” accommodating; I still want to stay accommodating to a point, but I want more control in my everyday relationships.More control on my intimate relationships would be nice too. I hope you don’t cancel any plans to do favors for others…do you? Then there’s the approach of learning how to lie, just a little to get out of getting dragged into a favor. Well, now, ‘other’ people have told you that this is a problem. If it isn’t – be as accommodating as you want to be.

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